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10+ Years Experience!

In my career I’ve worked in 4 IT firms like EMAAR & ROS Nutrition where I learnt a lot and functioned with amazing passionate people. Most of me activities are related around the web. I’m perfectly fine with that, though. This year I’ve planned to travel more to get away from the computer a bit. I love this industry for the reason it constantly evolves.


UI Developer @ EMAAR

2015 - PRESENT
UI Design & development for the EMAAR Hospitality Group’s web, mobile app. and other projects like E-pay, Power BI, Sharepoint etc.
www.ecsme.ae  hr@ecsme.ae  mlobo@emaar.ae
Manya Software Solutions

UI Team Lead

2011 - 2015
Responsible for the visual design & Front-end development, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS & Mentoring and guiding interns and team members.
www.manyasoft.com info@manyasoft.com
Stellent CG

UI Design & Developer

2010 - 2011
Website design & Front-end development, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0, Mootools, jQuery, PHP, SEO practices, Hosting & Management.
www.stellentcg.com contact@stellentcg.com
Arena Animation

Tutor (Part time)

2010 - 2011
Part time teacher & Lab assistant, Web design, Front-end developing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization.
www.arenaanimation.com contact@arenaanimation.com

Web Designer

2009 - 2010
Web & Graphic design, Front-end development, Branding, Flash Animator, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Mootools, Worked with the development team to design implementation.

Fullstack Developer

2009 - 2020
As a freelancer, I’ve created several large & small websites, developed visual concepts & final designs for clients like the Prohands Technologies, Prestige Line Transport LLC etc This was a great way to work on my creativity and to be in direct contact with clients.